What’s the Scoop? — 10/16/15



The Fiero is still not in perfect working order, but it is a fun car to drive around town. Last Saturday, I dropped my son off for his Cross Country meet and one of the team members asked what kind of car it was. “It’s a Pontiac Fiero.” His reply was humorous. “Oh … I thought it was a Ferrari.”


Monday morning, I rushed over to the chiropractor for an early morning adjustment only to find that I was an hour early. McDonald’s was just down the street, so I pulled in and waited there. Seeing this little Beetle was a treat for me. When I was growing up, they were everywhere but not so much anymore.


On the way home, I visited with a friend at Leikin Motor Companies who told me about the new Mercedes-Benz minivan. It is a RWD model with the 208 hp 4-cylinder from the CLA-Class. It is supposed to be a commercial vehicle but it does come in a window van version. I’m just wondering how a RWD van will do in northeastern Ohio.


Believe it or not, it was warm earlier this week. I had the top down on the SAAB when I pulled in next to this vehicle at the Mentor Public Library. If you are not familiar, it is a CAN-AM. Most people say they handle much better than the three-wheeled motorcycles of the past. I’ve never driven one, but it sure does have an appealing look to it.

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