The Value of a Good Photo

I took pictures of our rusty Chrysler minivan and sold it one day after advertising on Craigslist. A good picture at the right angle can make a $400 car look like $4000. Take, for instance, this 1997 SAAB 9000 Aero. This picture was taken just after going through a $5 car wash. Everything looks shiny and the trees make it look like the owner lives in a nicer neighborhood. First impressions make a big difference.

P.S. Sometimes my pictures have been too good. When the buyer arrives, his idea of the condition may be better than actual. But that’s where the description comes in. This particular car has some rust and other issues. But it sure looks good. Hopefully, the good looks of the car in good pictures will bring in the customers — which is the biggest hurdle to cross. Once they are in, half of the battle is won.

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