Test Drive : 2006 BMW 750Li

I was handed an iPhone at work today. That usually means a customer from AutoTrader wants to talk about one of our pre-owned cars. Sure enough, an out of state customer was interested in our 2006 BMW 750Li. This is a car that I have driven before. I had driven it to Cleveland and back on an errand for the dealership. But rather than recite a description from memory, I walked out to the car and looked it over while we spoke.


As you can imagine, this car comes with a lot of nice options:

Cold Weather Package (Heated Front Seats, Heated Rear Seats, and Heated Steering Wheel), Convenience Package (Automatic Trunk Opening & Closing), Luxury Seating Package (Driver’s Side Front Active Seat and Front Ventilated Seats), Power Moonroof, and SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

The controls are a bit odd after driving Volvos and Mercedes-Benz cars. But I eventually figured out how to adjust the seats and turn on the fan inside the seats. (That is a nice feature on a warmish day.) The center controller moves you between navigation, entertainment, and a few other options. But I had the hardest time locating the volume knob for the radio. After many attempts with the controller, I found a small volume knob by the CD slot.

After the phone call, I took the car out for a test drive by myself to get re-acquainted. While I am not a BMW fanatic, I must admit that this is a very nice riding car. The 360 hp V8 engine has plenty of power and the ride is very comfortable. I had no problem getting up to speed on the highway and felt fully in control at every moment. In fact, what could have been a short drive around the block turned into my lunch break just because I enjoyed the drive so much. This is the car you would like to take for a day trip into the mountains. It has all the needed power, comfort, and driving pleasure you would expect from the top-of-the-line BMW sedan.

As of the writing of the article, the customer has not arrived to test drive the car. He may or may not. But if I was looking for a nice luxury sedan, this one would be a good one for under $20k. So, click here to see if the car is still available.

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