Redneck or Resourceful : Window Mounted Car Heater


Your first reaction may be pretty strong when looking at the picture. However, you should wait to answer the question until you have read the rest of the article. While it might be cheaper to use something like this instead of fixing your car’s heating system, that’s really not why this was designed. Think of your last hunting or camping trip and the cost of the motel or camp site. One hunter wanted to sleep in his car overnight but didn’t want to leave the car running just to keep warm. So, he used a propane powered stove to warm the car with the windows down enough to keep the air pure. In that case, something like this would have worked even better.

Click here for the Atomic Heater’s website.

To me, this seems like a pretty good idea. But would your answer change if you saw me driving the Jag down the street with it attached to one of the rear windows? I’m sure the State Highway Patrol might have an opinion about it as well. But what’s your verdict? Redneck or Resourceful?



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