What’s the Scoop? — 2017 Volvo V60 Polestar



I have been curious about the new crop of Volvo cars and was pleasantly surprised to read this review of the 2017 Volvo V60 Polestar wagon. Now that Volvo is using four-cylinder engines, I have wondered how the performance would be perfected. The T6 Polestar was rates at 325 hp when I left the dealership. The new super-turbo-charged four cylinder actually performs better than that six-cylinder phenomenal engine. That amazes me. But I am not the only one. In his 2017 Volvo V60 Polestar Review, Sami Haj-Assaad shows his appreciation for the new wagon’s performance. Take a look and see what you think. Would this be a wagon that you might drive someday?

the Obligatory Kitchen Window Shot


Since we moved to Painesville in 2001, there have been plenty of pictures taken from this kitchen window. And the pictures usually show just the nose of one of our cars. I don’t know why but this view always captures my attention. It is something like a set of eyes looking over a fence. When I walk into the kitchen and see the nose of a car, I just have to take a picture.

Aero Update: Touch-up

While waiting for the title and registration paperwork to be completed, things have been a bit slow with the 1997 SAAB 9000 Aero. My younger son, Trenton, and I have cleaned the interior with wipes and started it up periodically to keep the battery fresh. (More about that later.)


Today was a beautiful 70 degree day with clear skies–a perfect time to do some touch-up painting on the variety of rust spots. There were a half dozen quarter size rust spots on the roof as well as some larger rust spots on the rear passenger door. So, I used a wire wheel and Trent treated then painted them.

Back to the battery.

The battery that came with the car tested bad at the local Autozone store. So, after unsuccessfully trying a reconditioned battery, I purchased a new Bosch battery from Pep Boys in Cranberry PA on the way home from work. That battery worked well for a while until something in the car drained it. After talking with my dad and a railroad engineer with electrical experience, it seems that the driver front power seat may be the culprit.

The previous owner told me the car had been sitting for about a year. The SAAB forums indicate that the electronics don’t like to sit for any length of time. That seems to be the case with this car. With the battery attached, the front driver seat will creep forward by itself on occasion. Could this be what is draining the battery? To determine this, I had Trenton remove the fuse for the seat with instructions to start the car tomorrow. The battery has been fully charged as of today, so if it holds a charge we have found the problem.