Pontiac Fiero Replacement Wheels

As a follow up to yesterday’s article about Fiero replacement wheels, I visited Great Lakes Auto Recycling in Perry, Ohio. They made things easy as all the rims and tires were conveniently stored and organized by size in a poll building near the front of the property. With my list in hand and an aesthetic look in mind, I located two wheel/tire combos that looked pretty good.

WP_20151116_14_58_31_Pro 1

The first picture is from a Pontiac Grand Am. They probably wouldn’t fit but they looked pretty good next to the car. The second set was from a Chrysler Sebring. I kinda liked the Sebring rims. Which style do you think looks better?

WP_20151116_15_01_15_Pro 2

I did not end up replacing the wheels today. But it was good to see how different sizes looked next to the wheel well of the Fiero. Specs are nice to have but seeing the actual thing in person makes a big difference. I think the Sebring wheels were the biggest I would try on this little car. The slightly larger Pontiac rims would probably have rubbed on the wheel well.

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