Two Views


VIEW #1:

My office is located in the used car showroom on which we keep our convertibles during the winter. As I looked out of my office this morning, I found it interesting to be sitting 12 feet away from a BMW Z4 — quite a unique decoration for an office.


VIEW #2:

On Tuesday evening, my family and I ate supper at Wendy’s in Willowick, Ohio. After finishing my meal, I noticed the beautiful landscaping behind my wife and daughter. The auto repair shop next door really adds to the experience, dontcha think?

The Invisible Swedish Bicycle Helmet

Sweden has come up with a lot of safety innovations. Both SAAB and Volvo have pioneered a number of safety gadgets that have helped a lot of people live after automobile accidents. But they don’t make bicycles. So what happens when a car rear ends someone on a bicycle? Would a plastic/styrofoam helmet really do the job? Watch the video below to see how two Swedish women thought up a clever way to protect bicycle riders.

H/T Linda Rupert

Need a wood Volvo steering wheel?


Once you have driven a car with a wooden steering wheel, you will understand why people pay big money to put one in their vehicle. I came across a Volvo wooden steering wheel some years ago and was hoping to install it in my 2005 Volvo XC90. But I never did and the wheel has been sitting in my basement since then. So, after cleaning up the basement and moving parts from various cars around the room, I decided to list this wheel on eBay. I honestly don’t know which models it fits. The number is not listed in the current Volvo database. But it looks like a Volvo S60 or XC90 from the mid 2000’s. Perhaps it would fit your car?

Click here to see the description on eBay Motors.