Consequences for Chrysler?

Shifting blame for Chrysler’s failure to the dealer body was childish, and the callous manner in which they dismissed their long-time partners was cowardly.  To divert attention from their own failures, management’s perfidious punks in pinstripes approached the Congressional bailout altar and offered the 789 dealers as sacrificial scapegoats.  Chrysler will suffer lasting consequences for their egregious behavior. … The initial tickle of resentment, hard feelings and bad press could even cascade into a flood of anti-Chrysler sentiment that further devalues their brand and soils their reputation.

Dave Anderson in The Cascading Consequence of Unethical Leadership

Honda’s Impossible Dream

My first car job was at a Honda dealership in Dublin, Ohio. It lasted for the summer before I moved to Wisconsin to finish my college degree. All I did was oil changes and warranty work, but it was enough to convince me that Hondas were the greatest cars on earth.  And at that time (early 1990’s) the quality was pretty good.

My affections lie elsewhere now, but I must admit that the following video was very well done … and funny.

Sold: 2005 Ford Econoline E-150 XLT

Remember the friend of mine trying to sell his Ford van before his family moved to Cambodia to do mission work? I just received an email that his prayers were answered. The van will be bought by several Christian missionaries leaving Cambodia for a year of meetings in the US. It looks like a good situation all around.

How many different brands have you driven?

It would take some time to list all the different cars I’ve owned or driven. Some of my favorites were the Jaguar XJ-S, the SAAB 900 Turbo, the Maserati Biturbo, and the Corvette Mongoose—just to name a few. But instead of a complete list, I thought it would be interesting to list the various brands I’ve actually driven. It might reveal a lack in my automobile experience. So, here goes …


Sticking to “actually driven” leaves out a couple that I’ve sat in but not driven: Geo, Hummer, International Harvester, Land Rover, MG, Rambler, Rover, Saturn, Triumph, etc. It’s kind of funny to think that a used car salesman has never driven a Geo or a Saturn. But then again … who really cares?

* A couple I would like to drive are: Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Lancia, and Yugo!

When selling or buying a car who is responsible for the e-check?

The Porsche is close to being sold. But a question about e-check (emissions check) came up before the sale.  I live in Lake County and here we are required to have the e-check done every other year. But what if I sell my car? Am I required to provide a clean bill of health e-check or not?  I have never guaranteed my personal cars during a sale, but at the same time I have never sold one that didn’t have a current e-check. It is required before registration is possible. But I’m not sure if the buyer has to e-check it before selling.  Thankfully, the Ohio EPA website provides the answer:

The 7 Ohio counties currently participating in the program include: Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, Portage, and Summit. … If the seller of the vehicle supplies you with a valid E-Check compliance certificate, the vehicle does not need to be tested again. If the vehicle does not have a valid E-Check compliance certificate, you must have the vehicle tested prior to registering the vehicle. If the buyer is unsure whether the vehicle has a valid certificate, please contact 1-800-CAR-TEST with the vehicle identification number. Please note that if the vehicle is within the first four model year exemption period, no test is required.