Revealed: Mystery Car 60

Mystery Car 60 is a Jowett Jupiter.  But it’s not just any old Jupiter. This is one of the infamous R4 models first exhibited in 1953.  According to one source, only three R4 models were ever produced — the first made of steel and the others of plastic laminate.  The outcome was an interesting car that would have caught my attention if I had been looking for a sporty car back then.


When I first saw the R4’s 1.5 liter horizontally opposed engine, I was reminded of the VW and Corvair engines that have intrigued me for the last twenty years. At only 64 hp, you might not expect much, but the R4 actually achieved 100 mph at one point … with the hood removed.  Even still, it was an accomplishment for a car at the time.


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Mystery Cars Contest — October Edition

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Revealed: Mystery Car 59


Believe it or not, this is a Brazilian sports car.  Mystery Car 59 is a 1967 Puma GTE.  This was a very popular car in South America which was based on the Brazilian VW Karman Ghia and the DKW GT Malzoni.  It was produced by Genaro Malzoni and Jorge Lettry and was produced from 1967 through 1997 in various forms and in various locations.


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