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1966 Corvair 500: Won’t Start

My oldest son and I were driving back from our church building this morning when the Corvair’s engine started to sputter more than usual. As we stopped at Tyler Blvd and Heisley Rd., the engine conked out and wouldn’t start. After jiggling the loose battery cables, we made it to an auto parts store where we picked up a new negative cable and a new connector for the positive cable. Once home, we happily put together the pieces but couldn’t get the thing started. All it would do was click.

Now keep in mind that I had cleaned the battery terminals and the connectors with a wire brush. They were in perfect condition and had a good physical condition. A bit frustrated, I tried to clear my mind by cleaning out the crevices and applying a fresh coat of undercoating to the engine and trunk compartments. The car was looking better by the minute, but still no answer as to why the car wasn’t starting. So, I did what I should have to begin with. I asked God to show me what was wrong. That may seem strange to my non-Christian friends, but seeing as how God created our complex universe I’m confident that he knew what the problem was. However, I wasn’t expecting the answer to come in the form it did.

Two men stopped by to visit a neighbor and asked if they could take a gander at the car. (That happened quite a few times today.) The one fellow happened to have experience with the cars and told me where to look for the problem. Sure enough, the positive cable in between the battery and solenoid had become disconnected. After jacking up the driver’s rear end of the car, I was able to re-attach the cable and get it running again. To make matters even better, the fellow with Corvair experience is also a welder and will be doing a repair to the rear driver’s side shock absorber mount.

Two lessons: (1) If you can’t start your Corvair, check the connections on both ends, and (2) start each project with prayer as it will save you time.